Girls with nice curves and cool glasses

Collection of images of the kind of girls I like. Smart, sassy, and soft. The naughty librarian, the girl that owns a 20 sided die, the one that can build her own computer. The ones that know smart is sexy and aren't afraid to show it.



I’ve got another tutorial for y’all today! One of the most frequent questions I’m asked is how I do bodypaint that lasts for the duration of a convention, and that doesn’t get all over your costume or on every person you touch.

Here you go! Enjoy! Go be colorful!

I welcome you to ask any further questions you might have, but if you ask a question that’s already covered in the tutorial, I’m just going to give you the link again.

Reblogging, cause it’s getting close to Halloween, and I’m getting inundated with questions on how to bodypaint!

(via nudityandnecromancy)